Complex Income Mortgages

Complex Income Mortgages

Many of our clients have complicated income streams. They are everything from company directors receiving dividends, production workers who get shift allowances or large amounts of overtime, sales staff who receive quarterly or annual bonuses and single parents reliant on benefit income. Additionally, incomes have become even more complicated after lockdown and COVID-19 affected so many lives throughout the UK and the world. We can help you find complex income mortgages that suit your needs.

Complex income mortgages are available for a variety of circumstances. However, you may feel as though your income makes it difficult to find a mortgage, however, we are here to help. We can take the guesswork out of getting a mortgage when you have a complex income.

Do not get discouraged if your income is complicated. Our team at Expert Financial is here to help. We understand the market and can advise those in many different income situations on the best option for them.

All of these situations require more specialist knowledge of the mortgage market. Expert Financial works hard to ensure that our lender criteria knowledge is always up to date. This means we are able to offer Whole of Market Mortgage Advice to our clients regardless of their individual circumstances. Let us help you find complex income mortgages that work for you.

Mortgage advice for complex income mortgages

Additionally, not every lender will accept all of the above sources of income. For example, some of those who do, may not necessarily take it all into account. Therefore, it’s at times like these when it’s even more important to take impartial mortgage advice from fully qualified mortgage professionals.

Contact us now to discuss your situation and see how we can help you obtain a suitable mortgage and rate. We can help even with a complex income situation.