Mortgages: What we can offer you

Mortgages: What we can offer you

Finding and choosing the type of mortgage that is best for you can be an overwhelming task. At Expert Financial, we work hard to make the process of finding the right mortgage go as smoothly as possible. We will not only help you discover mortgages that work for you, but work to find you the best quote possible.

There are a variety of mortgages available on the market today. Finding the best one for you is our main priority. Going directly to a lender, or straight to your bank or financial institution is not always the best bet. Not every lender offers every type of mortgage. Some will only be able to discuss the particular mortgage schemes they have available. This is one of the many reasons why you should seek free advice from a mortgage broker. At Expert Financial, we can help you explore all mortgage options available to you. We will also help you find a competitive mortgage rate from providers nationwide.

Whether you are interested in exploring a shared ownership mortgage, complex income mortgage, bad credit mortgage, or looking for a mortgage review, we can help take the guesswork out of the process.

Simply click below to read more about the different types of mortgages we can help you with. Get in touch now for a personalised consultation with our mortgage brokers.

Shared Ownership Mortgages

If outright purchase isn’t an option there are still far better alternatives to renting. Shared ownership allows you to buy an initial share of a property at a rate you can afford. This means that you can get into home ownership in manageable stages. In the future you can simply sell your share for its value at the time. Alternatively you can buy further shares in your home, until you own the property outright. Initial shares can vary between 25% – 75% of the current value of the property.

Complex Income Mortgages

Many of our clients have complicated income streams. They are everything from company directors receiving dividends, production workers who get shift allowances or large amounts of overtime, sales staff who receive quarterly or annual bonuses, single parents who are reliant on benefit income. Incomes have become even more complicated after lockdown and COVID-19 affected so many lives throughout the world and the UK.

Bad Credit Mortgages

Do you have bad credit or have you been refused a mortgage elsewhere?

In recent times more people than ever have found themselves in a situation that results in an impaired credit rating. This is completely understandable, and by no means makes home ownership impossible. However, with fewer options available for “sub-prime”, “non-conforming”, or “bad credit” mortgages in today’s marketplace, it’s now even more difficult for consumers to find the right advice when it comes to obtaining a mortgage with poor credit.

Equity Release

As expert mortgage brokers, we’re here to help you better understand equity release, or lifetime mortgages. If you are aged 55 or over we can help you make use of the equity built up in your home.

Mortgage Review

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have had several mortgages in the past, one thing that is common for the majority of homeowners is the need to review their financial situation at regular intervals. For many people this is linked to their mortgage deal. Remortgaging is a common practice, and Expert Financial can help you understand and go through the process with confidence that you are getting the best re-adjusted rate.